Labor Force

Labor Force Status (2018)

StatusNumber of PeoplePercent of the Population
Labor Force26,545
Source: Tennessee Valley Authority Economic Development, 2018, Report provided by

Educational Attainment (2018)

Educational Attainment AreaStateNational
Associate's Degree7.10%9.18%8.45%
Bachelor's Degree23.64%13.73%19.6%
Graduate Degree17.70%8.42%12.18%
Source: Tennessee Valley Authority Economic Development, 2018, Report provided by

Employees by Occupation (2018)

OccupationNumber of JobsEarnings per WorkerNumber of Establishments
Accommodation and Food Services4,243$18,736190
Retail Trade 2,911$26,439215
Health Care and Social Assistance2,897$53,162140
Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services 1,309$18,10660
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services 1,205$70,851144
Other Services (except Public Administration)1,037$24,96590
Finance and Insurance 557$87,15382
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing461$38,13974
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation366$17,10722
Information 329$44,97325
Transportation and Warehousing211$58,83619
Educational Services (Private)146$18,76211
Wholesale Trade132$56,90627
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting77$36,39113
Construction, Repair, and Management of Companies and Enterprises 49$74,49313
Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction 12$40,9291
Source: Tennessee Valley Authority Economic Development, 2018, Report provided by

Total Businesses and Employees by Major SIC (2018)

Major SICTotal BusinessesPercent of Total Businesses in the CountyTotal Employees Percent of Total Employees in the County
Agricultural, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting90.5%370.2%
Wholesale Trade422.3%5382.7%
Retail Trade28415.3%2,62113.4%
Transportation and Warehousing261.4%1240.6%
Finance and Insurance1105.9%6513.3%
Real Estate, Rental and Leasing1216.5%5913.0%
Professional, Scientific and Tech Services 1679.0%1,0425.3%
Management of Companies and Enterprises 20.1%670.3%
Administrative & Support & Waste Management & Remediation522.8%2511.3%
Educational Services673.6%1,4597.4%
Healthcare and Social Assistance1538.2%3,98320.3%
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation291.6%1620.8%
Accommodation and Food Services1679.0%3,03415.5%
Other Services 23912.8%9855.0%
Public Administration1216.5%1,5317.8%
Unclassified Establishments663.5%220.1%
Source: Mississippi Secretary of State; Report provided by

Total Establishments by Size (2010)

Number of Employees (Size of Business)Total Number of BusinessesPercent of Total Businesses In County
1-4 employees97058.61
5-9 employees33820.42
10-19 employees18110.94
20-49 employees1167.01
50-99 employees342.05
100-249 employees110.66
250-499 employees20.12
500-999 employees10.06
1000+ employees20.12
Source: Applied Geographic Solutions, 2010; Report provided by TVA