Research Centers

University of Mississippi Scientists

University of Mississippi Scientists

The University of Mississippi supports an active technology transfer program that has resulted in over 65% of its patent portfolio licensed or in development partnerships.

Specific university centers are highlighted below. The full list may be viewed on the University of Mississippi’s website.

Center for Manufacturing Excellence

This Center is located in Oxford at the University of Mississippi. In addition to an undergraduate program focusing on manufacturing, it provides outreach and extension programs and industry specific research.  Learn more by visiting the Center for Manufacturing Excellence page.

National Center for Physical Acoustics

With research in the fields of porous media, atmospheric acoustics, aeroacoustics, infrasound, ultrasonics, and materials science, one of the goals of the National Center for Physical Acoustics is transfer technology to local small businesses. As such, it partners directly with Mississippi, national, and international businesses and government entitities. Recent partners include Radiance Technologies, Miltec, Toyota, SAIC and others.

National Center for Natural Products Research

Located in Oxford at the That Cochran Research Center, the National Center for Natural Products is a collaboration between researchers, government agencies, and pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. It is the nation’s only center associated with a university that focuses on discovering, developing, and commercializing pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals obtained from natural products.

National Center for Computational Hydroscience and Engineering

Research in this Center focuses on water flow, soil erosion, sediment transport and their impact on the environment and man-made structures. The Center holds workshop and short courses to education professionals about new research findings and methods applicable to the field.

Opportunities for Corporate-Sponsored Research

Collaboration between university researchers and industry are possible due to the expertise of faculty and the facilities at UM.  Research, Scholarship, Innovation and Creativity Programs provides information for potential corporate sponsors.