The Oxford-Lafayette County Economic Development Foundation (EDF) in partnership with the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council is pleased to announce the kickoff the Big Bad Business Series!

The Big Bad Business Series is an entrepreneurial development initiative born out of a partnership between the Oxford-Lafayette County Economic Development Foundation and the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council.  The goal is to cultivate a network where entrepreneurs, students, and artists can find needed resources for any stage of the business life cycle.  Through interactive business development workshops, participants are able to connect, share ideas, and learn new skills.  By providing a central hub of interconnected entrepreneurs and business development resources, local startups can quickly fill the gaps and gain the knowledge they need to grow their venture.  There is no cost to participate, but registration is required.

Upcoming events include:

Nick Weaver of Blue Delta Jeans
April 8, 2019 6:00 PM
@Chamber of Commerce

Where is my Customer: Traditional or Online Sales?
May 14, 2019

Tax and Legal Questions Answered
June 10, 2019

Round Robin Consultations
August 28, 2019

Oxford Night of Genius
September 10, 2019

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Mission:  Networking, Support, Talent, Funding

  • To create business mentoring, curriculum, discussion, events, talent matching, and funding to move entrepreneurs from idea to profit.
  • To encourage local economic development in order to create stable, local jobs.
  • To reach innovative entrepreneurs interested in starting, buying, owning/operating, selling, growing a business, or anyone needing help with their existing business.


  • Entrepreneurs (business owners),
  • Mentors (anyone with experience starting, owning/operating a business and willing to mentor others, including retirees)
  • Talent (Workers, employees, students, contractors, consultants)
  • Funding (Traditional, Private, Seed, Angel, VC)

For more information on participating in the Big Bad Business Series contact:

Allen Kurr, VP, Economic Development,
The Oxford-Lafayette County Economic Development Foundation
allen@oxfordms.com, 662-234-4651
Meghan Gallagher, Outreach & Education Coordinator,
The Yoknapatawpha Arts Council
outreachyac@gmail.com, 662-236-6429