Greatness Happens Here

Lafayette County - Greatness Happens Here

Lafayette County, Mississippi

From Abbeville, to Oxford, and from Harmontown to Taylor, the county has become a destination for young and old alike. Positioned between its fictionalized past as Yoknapatawpha County and the enduring reputation of the University of Mississippi, many residents and visitors believe that they know Lafayette County. Yet, even familiar places can hold a surprise or two.

DonorsThis county has produced and nurtured great people, great art and great invention in the past. By all indications, the county’s predicted growth and expansion heralds its bright future.  We invite you to learn more about our county on the remainder of this page, because indeed, “Greatness Happens Here!”

Greats born in Lafayette County

Greats raised in Lafayette County

Greats who live here or have stayed a while!

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